About Us

The Central South Consortium (CSC) is a school improvement service which operates on behalf of five local authorities: Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taf and the Vale of Glamorgan.

This region has the highest population of any in Wales and continues to be the fastest growing. 146,000 children and young people are served by 398 schools. This is a third of Wales’ school-age children. The region is home to the highest number of children living in poverty; it is also home to the capital city and the economic, financial and creative industries of Wales.

Historically the region has underperformed against schools elsewhere in Wales. Since 2012 it has seen a steep and sustained improvement in learner outcomes at every level and in every local authority area.

Our Aim:

To improve educational outcomes for all pupils, and the outcomes for vulnerable learners fastest. The success of schools in this region is the key to the future economic and social success of Wales. We are improving. We need to do more.

Our Vision:

Our ambition is, by 2020 that:

  • Learners sustain the best educational outcomes in Wales, rivalling similar parts of the UK
  • The poverty-related attainment gap is reduced faster here than anywhere else in Wales
  • That the region is known and recognised for its high-quality school-led professional learning and the impact it has on outcomes
You can view the Central South Consortium Business Plan for 2017-2020 here.


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