Accountability for Impact
This business plan is underpinned by more detailed plans against each improvement priority which include measurable outcomes and milestones.  We evaluate progress half termly at our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meetings and at Joint Committee meetings which provide termly monitoring and challenge against the agreed targets and milestones.  

In addition, we:

  • Provide a self-evaluation report (SER) to the Joint Committee each year and at least one performance report to local authority scrutiny committees every year
  • Monitor progress against a performance dashboard on a half termly basis. This includes monitoring against agreed action plans, in-year data collection and the results of school inspections
  • Review the performance of red and amber schools termly with local authorities and provide a termly progress report to each authority ahead of a formal minuted progress review
  • Report regularly on progress to the Welsh Government’s Challenge and Review sessions
Local authority annexes

This business plan describes our core business which has been agreed with the five authorities and will be resourced according to need as set out in our Framework of Challenge and Support.  Alongside this Business Plan we produce annual Local Authority (LA) Annexes which set out the support or dedicated work required in each LA which will be funded, led or resourced by the Consortium. This is agreed in the summer progress reviews and reviewed following the confirmed examination results in the early autumn term. We produce LA progress reports to report progress against the agreed actions in the Annexes. 
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