Framework for Challenge and Support
The revised ‘CSC Framework for Challenge and Support’ was issued to all challenge advisers in September 2016.

The Framework provides the structure that supports the implementation of the Central South Wales Challenge. It frames how the Consortium’s school improvement service and schools will work together to improve standards and the quality of education.

The Framework is built on the following principles:

  • The first responsibility for school improvement lies with the school
  • The work of the school improvement service should be led by the development and implementation of the Central South Wales Challenge
  • We need to build the capacity of the system to be self-improving through sector-led school-to-school support
  • We must create the conditions around schools that act as a catalyst to change that has a discernible impact on raising standards for all children and young people
  • We are driven by a sense of moral purpose - everyone’s success is everyone’s concern
If you have any queries regarding the framework please contact Mike Glavin on
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