Challenge Adviser
The role of the Challenge Adviser includes:
  • In the schools to which the challenge adviser is attached, assist the headteacher by providing an external perspective, challenging and validating the school’s own evaluation of standards.
  • To challenge and support the headteacher and governing body in their work to evaluate the impact of leadership and governance on outcomes and to judge the capacity of the school to improve.
  • To agree with the headteacher and governors each school’s support category in line with the national model for school improvement, liaising closely with the senior challenge adviser and the local authority.
  • To contribute to the effectiveness and impact of each school’s self-evaluation and improvement planning processes, provide constructive challenge and support in respect of the quality of the self-evaluation report and school’s improvement plan, including the extent to which planning is successful in addressing the three national priorities for literacy, numeracy and reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment. This should include the use of in-year tracking data and other evidence to monitor, evaluate and report accurately the progress and impact of improvement work in schools that are the subject of support.
  • Working as part of a team, to share solutions, generate ideas and develop innovative approaches based on evidence that will improve consistency and quality in all aspects of the work of the challenge adviser.  
  • To contribute to the development of sector-led school-to-school support by: identifying and signposting schools to the most effective practice; supporting and facilitating the development of school improvement groups and collaborative working between schools; contributing to the monitoring of the impact of sector-led school-to-school support on standards, quality and leadership.
  • To work with a school’s leaders and governors to diagnose and record accurately and thoroughly the needs of schools causing concern drawing on the contribution of specialists where required.
  • To take the lead responsibility for brokering and coordinating support to meet needs in each school causing concern, working closely with senior challenge advisers and the service’s strategic advisers.
  • To hold schools’ leaders to account for creating the conditions that will enable the support to have maximum effect and to be accountable for ensuring that the support is provided as agreed and has impact.
  • To monitor and report the progress of schools that are the subject of intervention in line with the agreed procedures of the Central South Consortium.
  • To contribute, where appropriate, to the provision of challenge and support in schools other than those to which the challenge adviser is attached.
  • To participate in activities that provide intelligence to the Central South Consortium about strengths and weaknesses in standards, the quality of education and leadership in schools.
  • To provide advice and participate in the recruitment of schools’ senior leaders. 
  • To write reports to a high quality and in a timely fashion in line with the policies and procedures of the Central South Consortium
  • To participate in headteacher performance management in accordance with agreed practices and procedures.
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