Senior Challenge Adviser
The role is a joint role working between the consortium and local authority:

  • To lead the provision of the school improvement service in the local authority to which s/he is attached in line with the policies and procedures agreed by the five local authorities working collectively as the consortium.
  • To have a secure knowledge of the performance of the schools in the relevant sector(s) in the local authority to which s/he is attached, the local authority’s context, issues and priorities and to prepare and present reports to Elected Members including the Scrutiny Committee. 
  • To work closely with the local authority to identify and agree priorities for improvement and to prepare the Local Authority’s annexe to the CSC business plan.
  • To contribute to the local authority’s service planning processes by providing self-evaluation commentaries, identifying improvement priorities, targets and actions and reporting on progress.
  • To provide an annual report to the local authority outlining the extent of the work to meet the local authority’s priorities and its impact on raising standards.
  • To ensure that the focus on reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment is integral to the work of challenge advisers. .
  • To work with the Assistant Director, the local authority and other senior colleagues to determine the deployment of challenge advisers.
  • To line manage, oversee and quality assure the work of the challenge advisers who work in the local authority to which the postholder is attached.
  • To oversee the work of challenge advisers in agreeing the school improvement category with the headteacher and governors, in line with the national categorisation system, and pupils’ attainment targets, liaising closely with the relevant local authority’s senior officers and advisers employed through the national Schools Challenge Cymru programme.  
  • To moderate the outcomes of the categorisation of schools’ effectiveness so that judgements are consistent across the service as a whole.
  • To ensure that challenge advisers work with headteachers and governors to diagnose need in schools causing concern is thorough and accurate and to identify instances where statutory intervention is necessary, contributing to the identification of strategies and the drafting of correspondence.
  • To work with the head of school to school support in the Central South Consortium to ensure that the support available for schools causing concern meets needs, is sufficient and of high quality. 
  • To provide advice on and oversee the brokerage of additional support, including that from sources other than the school improvement service itself, and on the deployment of any additional resources to secure improvement. 
  • To work with schools’ leaders, the challenge adviser and the local authority to ensure appropriate post inspection action plans and statements of action are in place when schools require ‘Significant Improvement’ or ‘Special Measures’.
  • To manage with the challenge advisers the process for reviewing the progress of schools causing concern in the local authority (ies) to which s/he is attached, working closely with the local authority’s senior officers.
  • To hold challenge advisers to account for the production of robust and reliable progress reports, including briefing reports for the inspectorate Estyn, and identification of next steps.
  • To contribute to provision for the professional development of challenge advisers and participate in programmes of agreed personal professional development so as to contribute to the provision of a service of the highest quality.
  • To work with the managing director, assistant director and the local authority’s senior officers to secure good communication with headteachers, teachers and other stakeholders in the local authority(ies) to which s/he is attached, including attendance at directorate management team and headteacher meetings
  • To provide advice to inform local authority activity including the planning of school places and school reorganisation work.
  • To take strategic responsibility for one or more areas of the service’s work. 
  • To manage the performance of challenge advisers in line with the policy and procedures of the Central South Consortium.
  • To oversee the involvement of challenge advisers in senior leadership appointments in schools and participate where appropriate.
  • To fulfil to role and duties of a challenge adviser for one or more schools where required.
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