Our Vision for 2020
What will it look like for children and young people and their families?

  • Children and young people achieve and sustain outcomes that are the highest performing in Wales at most levels in 2018 and sustain it to 2020
  • Schools show sustained improvement at all levels rivalling the best in the UK by 2020
  • Vulnerable children increasingly close the gap on their peers and do so faster than elsewhere in Wales
  • Teaching is excellent for most children, particularly so in schools within the most deprived communities 
  • Inspection outcomes show increased levels of excellence in teaching and leadership and in judgements on schools’ capacity to improve
  • The region is recognised for the quality of its school-led curriculum, professional learning and leadership and  its work with the higher education sector and initial teacher training providers
  • There are wider partnerships involving business, the community and parents working  with schools to reinforce aspiration
  • The region works with others to drive up standards and capacity for improving teaching and leadership as part of delivering the new ‘Successful Futures’ curriculum

What will it look like for schools?

By 2020 we want to see a system of school improvement explicitly led, organised and provided by schools.  This could be a Central South Wales networked learning community run by-schools-for-schools which sees:
  • All schools as part of a chartered school improvement group (SIG) or network which sets priorities each year, provides most school improvement support and evidences impact in capacity and pupil attainment across schools
  • Expert teachers working at subject level across and within the system from lead subject specialist schools providing subject level support to all schools focused on need
  • Lead schools commissioned to develop accredited professional learning programmes for all school staff including initial teacher training, with joint practice development the predominant learning model
  • All schools working as part of the “Successful Futures” curriculum building the new curriculum into their practice
  • All schools able to commission a formal peer enquiry from experienced trained peer enquirers (current headteachers) as part their self-evaluation and improvement planning
  • High quality leadership programmes for all headteachers, a future leaders programme and a ‘system leadership’ model identifying and funding experienced heads empowered to work swiftly and rapidly with vulnerable schools with clear priorities for improvement
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