As we move towards the delivery of our vision, we continue to review the impact of our work in schools across the region.  Our self-evaluation report (SER) provides analysis of strengths and improvement priorities for the region.

Areas for improvement for 2017/18 from our SER, including recommendations from Estyn are:

  • Despite a narrowing of the gap, gaps for vulnerable learners, particularly eFSM learners, are still too wide
  • There is significant underachievement by boys in languages
  • There remains wide variation in secondary outcomes with a small number of very vulnerable secondary schools making progress too slowly
  • More able learners’ outcomes are improving but can do further particularly at key stage five
  • Leadership capacity in the system and recruitment to core subject posts remains a challenge
  • Challenge advisers’ reporting is improving but judgements regarding teaching leadership need to be made more robustly
  • There is evidence to link most school-to-school working to impact but more needs to be done to evidence sustainable impact through evaluation and deepen the impact of enquiry led practice at the classroom level
  • There is more to do to build system leadership behaviours from many headteachers
  • Implementation of performance management needs to be tighter for staff and there is more to do to embed a culture of self evaluation and business planning in order to evidence value for money
  • There is further work to do with elected members and governors to raise awareness and improve coordinated scrutiny of the Consortium

In order to realise our ambition for 2020, we will focus on five improvement priorities in 2017/18:
  • Improving outcomes for vulnerable learners [through partnership working]
  • Developing school-to-school working to deliver curriculum reform
  • Developing leadership, governance and workforce reform 
  • Rapid and sustainable intervention
  • Developing effectiveness and efficiency in Central South Consortium
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