The Role of the Consortium
The Consortium’s role is to develop the capacity of schools in the region to lead improvement by supporting teachers and leaders to learn from each other, intervening only where progress is insufficient.  
The local authorities (through a Joint Committee attended by the Cabinet Member for education in each authority) agree the business plan, including targets and budget for the region and hold the Consortium to account for the impact of its work. 
The Consortium is funded by the local authorities and Welsh Government.
There are around 400 schools in the Central South Consortium region. How well children and young people, particularly the most vulnerable, achieve in this region significantly influences how the country and its education system are perceived within our borders and beyond.

The Consortium's Business Plan aims to:

  • Improve outcomes for vulnerable learners 
  • Develop school-to-school working to deliver curriculum reform
  • Develop leadership, governance and workforce reform 
  • Deliver rapid and sustainable intervention
  • Develop effectiveness and efficiency in Central South Consortium

To do this. the Consortium:

  • Provides teams of challenge advisers working with all schools in the region (with more time allocated to the schools most in need)
  • Provides timely data analyses to support schools’ self evaluation and improvement planning (including school categorisation judgements)
  • Supports and funds school-to-school improvement partnerships and brokers support between schools
  • Allocates grant funding (e.g. the pupil development grant - PDG) to schools in the region along with guidance and advice on how grant funding can be used to drive improvement; and works with the Welsh Government to deliver its priorities in the region
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