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In January 2014, the five local authorities that constitute Central South Wales (Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taff and the Vale of Glamorgan) launched a major new strategy to raise standards across all schools in the region; the Central South Wales Challenge.

The Central South Wales Challenge has been designed to enable schools in the region to become self-improving.  In order to support school-to-school working the Central South Consortium has developed an ongoing knowledge bank of effective practice case studies that have taken place in the last two years. 

You can now view and search for case studies via our website:

We are encouraging all education professionals in the region to support this initiative and to help us discover the very best practice that we know is taking place in Central South schools!

By publishing this practice it is hoped that all schools in the region and beyond will be able to access the information and make use of the resources to improve pupil outcomes.

We are looking for case studies from all phases and sectors including nursery, primary, middle, secondary, special, pupil referral units (PRUs) and Welsh medium schools.  The practices can be undertaken as individual schools or via school improvement groups (SIGs), clusters, pathfinders and/or any other partnerships! 

Case studies only need to be a maximum of 750 words and provide a snap shot of your journey that has resulted in tangible improvement in your school – no matter how big or small!

We are looking for case studies that address the following key areas:

  • Improve pupil outcomes in foundation phase
  • Improve pupil outcomes in KS2
  • Improve pupil outcomes in KS3
  • Improve pupil outcomes in L2+
  • Improve pupil outcomes in L2
  • Improve pupil outcomes in L1
  • Improve pupil outcomes in CSI
  • Reduce the gender gap
  • Reduce the FSM gap
  • Reduce the gap – vulnerable pupils
  • Improve pupil outcomes in literacy
  • Improve pupil outcomes in numeracy
  • Improve pupil outcomes in ICT
  • Improve pupil outcomes in Welsh
  • Improve pupil outcomes in the non-core subjects
  • Improve pupil behaviour
  • Reduce FTE
  • Improve attendance
  • Ensure that the curriculum is suitable for all groups of learners
  • Improve the quality of teaching
  • Improve the quality of assessment
  • Improve the quality of AFL
  • Improve the quality/consistency of leadership
  • Improve the quality of self evaluation
  • Improve the quality of/consistency of middle leadership
  • Improve the quality of improvement planning
  • Reduce the deficit/make good use of resources
  • Improve school governance
Plus any other areas that might not be listed!

To submit an effective practice case study, please download the case study template and return it to  


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