CSW Challenge Strategy Group
The CSW Strategy Group is composed of Headteachers from across the Consortium, chosen on the basis that they were able to demonstrate:
  • A commitment to school-to-school partnership working;   
  • Credibility in leading school improvement;    
  • That their schools have the capacity to support their involvement; and      
  • The support of their Governors and LA director in taking on this role alongside their normal duties.

The CSC newsletter (circulated to all schools in December 2013) invited Headteachers to inform their Local Authority Directors if they wished to
put themselves forward to join the Strategy Group.
The Strategy group lead the development of the CSW challenge. They work with Mel Ainscow on the practicalities of school-to-school working in order to ensure that our strategy is realistic and reflects, as much as possible, the views of schools. The Strategy Group champions the cause of school-to-school working and highlights the likely gains of school-to-school partnerships across schools in the region.
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