Improvement Hubs
Using research about effective professional learning and through analysing the school improvement priorities of schools in the region the hub model comprises of 26 Professional Learning Hubs, 31 Curriculum Hubs and 18 Lead Practitioners.
Professional Learning Hubs offer development opportunities on the professional learning continuum. 
Curriculum Hubs support the development of subject specific approaches while Lead Practitioners  support the development of regional capacity in non-core areas.  
Schools can choose from an extensive range of programmes that have been closely mapped to regional need.  Programmes can be accessed and booked on Cronfa (

Main benefits of Improvement Hubs are:
  • Access to professional learning programmes that are based on current, recognised, effective practice in a school setting;
  • Access to a wide range of programmes, based on regional need that can be used to improve leadership, learning and teaching;
  • Access to support from a Hub School to meet the current needs of your school. This can include support and collaborative working for Governing Bodies;
  • Opportunities to be part of an action research approach to professional learning within and between CSC schools. This aspect is supported by Cardiff University; and
  • Access to brokered support from Hub schools for red and amber schools via the Challenge Adviser.

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