School Improvement Groups (SIGs)
All schools are in cross local authority improvement groups. The purpose of SIGs is to work together to identify best practice, develop and share it across all schools in a way that benefits all schools in the SIG.  Each SIG is composed of schools from different local authorities, in different places on their learning journey and with different socio-economic intakes.  
A headteacher in each group acts as the Convenor.  The role of the Convenor is facilitating collaborative working and coordinating work across schools in the SIG.  The Convenor also submits improvement plans and evaluations on behalf of the SIG.

Main benefits of SIG working:
  • To work collaboratively with a group of schools in order to focus on and secure improvement in key aspects of school improvement
  • To build capacity at all levels within and between networks of CSC schools and collectively benefit from sharing and creating effective practice
  • To access funding to facilitate collaborative working across the SIG community
  • To access and engage in joint professional development opportunities that might otherwise be too costly for an individual school
  • To have the opportunity and developmental support to act as a system leader for the benefit of groups of schools in the CSC region

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