What should be the next steps?
It would make sense now for individual schools to review the extent to which they are benefiting from the investment being made through the Central South Wales Challenge. In so doing, it is important to remember that self-improving systems start with what happens within each school. Each school must have a sense of their own strengths, such that these contribute to the overall development of the education system. At the same time, it is vital to define areas of the school that need further development in order to draw on the strengths of partner schools.

Building on such a process of self-review, schools need to consider the following questions:
  • Are we contributing to, and getting the benefits of joint practice development through our SIG?
  • Would we benefit from being part of a pathfinder partnership?
  • Can we draw more on the strengths of the various improvement hubs?
  • Are we ready to take part in the peer enquiry programme?
  • Looking more widely, there is much more to do in order to deepen the partnerships across the system such that they involve a capacity to move expertise around, as well as encouraging joint practice development. This requires a willingness amongst school leaders and practitioners to share evidence with one another. In this way, collaboration involves processes of mutual challenge that will stimulate creativity and experimentation. 
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