Welsh Second Language Scheme of Work
  • The Welsh in Education Officers have produced this Scheme of Work to support their Continuum of Welsh Language Patterns; it allows for the successful delivery of the Continuum’s language patterns. The scheme of work also represents a whole school approach to teaching Welsh. It is imperative that pupils revise and build upon the linguistic skills achieved in previous years.
  • The scheme of work has been divided into year groups from Nursery to Year 6;
  • Each year group has been divided into units;
  • Each unit is subdivided into steps;
  • Each step or ‘Cam’ contains the language patterns taken from the Continuum. Each ‘Cam’ has an element of revision and extension built in;
  •  The extensions in each unit are aimed at providing an element of flexibility and challenge;
  • In almost all instances a ‘Cam’ could take longer to achieve than one lesson;
  • The themes, activities and resources are flexible;
  • Progression from a ‘Cam’ will take place when a majority of the pupils can achieve the language patterns independently;
  • Where bold has been used in the language patterns column, the patterns are new to the pupils. Revisited language is presented without using bold type;
  • Any underlined word is presenting an opportunity for another word to be substituted;
  • Opportunities for assessment are to be recognised on an on-going basis and evidence collected;
  • Cross Curricular Links have been suggested; more may be added by individual schools if  appropriate;
  • The weighting for Welsh as a second language remains as 70% oracy, 15% writing and 15% reading.
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