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Consortium Statement on the Education Workforce Council National Education Workforce Survey Report
Published on 05/04/2017
The Education Workforce Council has today published the results of a quantitative research study carried out on behalf of the Welsh Government between the 31 October 2016 and 9 January 2017 on the experiences of registered education practitioners working in Wales. The Education Workforce Council (EWC) is the regulator in Wales for teachers in maintained schools, further education teachers and learning support staff in both school and FE settings.
In response to the survey findings, Mike Glavin, Managing Director of Central South Consortium said:
‘Gaining a clear picture of the current challenges faced by our teaching staff is an important part in the process of modernising and improving the education service to ensure it is fit for the future. We recognise many of the challenges highlighted by staff as part of this survey, and indeed we are, as regional school improvement services already providing a range of support and professional learning opportunities to help teachers in a number of key areas, including leadership, digital competence, tackling poverty and in support of specific subjects.

In particular, the survey indicates an enormous willingness to engage in professional development, to try out innovative new teaching practices and learn more about curriculum reform. The positive work underway within and between schools on Successful Futures is a clear sign of positive progress in education in Wales.
The survey indicates a potential issue with the retention of teachers and a concern about the workload of all school staff. Together with colleagues in teacher education, the regions recently launched our Discover Teaching campaign which aims to attract new people into the profession, and retain our skilled and talented workforce. The results of this survey will help inform our decisions about the future of teaching in Wales, and whilst it is not easy reading in parts it does highlight the enthusiasm and desire of our staff to provide quality teaching in Wales, and also how they are rewarded by seeing the progression of our learners.
This report is valuable as we move forward.’
You can read the report here. 

  • The Central South Consortium (CSC) is the school improvement service operating on behalf of five local authorities – Bridgend, Cardiff, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil and the Vale of Glamorgan
  • A third of Wales’ school-age population lives in this region.
  • As a region, the Central South Consortium is.:
  • Making the whole range of 200+ professional learning programmes free to practitioners in order to remove barriers to professional learning (almost 1000 practitioners engaged in these programmes in the 2016/17 financial year). More details of the offer can be found here.
  • Building a network of hub and pioneer schools to share the developing approaches to the new curriculum with all schools and practitioners
  • Working directly with schools on the implementation of the DCF, and funding schools who have existing expertise to support others
  • Funding all schools to work in school improvement groups on new and innovative practice and share their findings with all schools
  • Working with schools and HEIs to develop more robust mentoring models to support teachers in the early part of their career
  • Mapping the workforce development needs for the region in order to identify priority areas for recruitment and retention
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