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AS and A Level results continue to improve in Central South Wales, as more pupils enter A Level examinations in the region
Published on 17/08/2017
The proportion of pupils achieving A*-E grades at A Level has remained consistently high at 97.9% in Central South Wales, with the region continuing to remain above the national average of 97.7%. 

Both A*-A and A*-C have seen increases from 2016, with the proportion of pupils achieving A*-A increasing by 1.9% points, and A*-C by 0.8% points.

Despite a national decline of 6.3% in the number of A Level examination entries, the schools across Bridgend, Cardiff, Rhondda Cynon Taff and the Vale of Glamorgan have seen a collective increase of 3%*.
AS Level examination results similarly continue to show improvement in Central South Wales.  The proportion of pupils achieving A-E has increased by 1.2% points, and A-C has increased by 1.7% points.  Both grade boundaries place Central South Wales above the national average.  In addition, there has been a 1.4% point increase in pupils achieving the top A grade.

Three of the four local authorities in the region with post-16 provision have seen their A*-C results at A Level increase since 2016, with RCT showing the greatest improvement of 2.5% points.

Cllr Sarah Merry, Chair of the Central South Consortium Joint Committee commented: “This is obviously early data but we are delighted that yet again the region has seen sustained improvement and continues to remain above the national average for A*-E at A Level, and A-E at AS Level. 

Since 2012, the Consortium has been working to develop a system of school to school improvement where teachers share practice in teaching and leadership. The results seen today illustrate once again that this is contributing to the improvement.

I would like to pay tribute to the hard work, dedication and determination of teachers, headteachers, governors and support staff across the region, as well as pupils, their parents, carers and the local community; through their hard work the region has once again been able to demonstrate sustained improvement.”

Mike Glavin, Central South Consortium Managing Director commented: “We are delighted by today’s provisional results and the continuous trend of improvement. 

As the school improvement service for the region, our role is to work directly with the region’s headteachers and senior leadership teams to ensure that this early data is fully understood and analysed to identify opportunities for further development. 

Schools can learn from each other, and the lessons learned by analysing today’s data will be used to support the improvement of all schools in the region.  By moving this knowledge around the system we will ensure that all the region’s schools have access to the very best information in order to support their learners to achieve their full potential.

I would like to congratulate all involved in achieving today’s results, particularly the learners themselves.  We are ambitious and are very much looking forward to continuing our work with the region’s schools to achieve further progress.”

Editor’s Notes
Please note that the Central South Consortium (CSC) data is WJEC only, whilst the all Wales data is from all examination boards.
CSC data relates to local authority maintained schools with post-16 provision.
A Level Examinations
  2017 CSC Variation from 2016 2017 Wales Variation from 2016
% A*-E 97.9 0.0 97.7 +0.4
% A*–C 76.0                            +0.8 75.3 +1.5
% A*-A 24.0 +1.9 25.0 +2.3
A/S Level Examinations
  2017 CSC Variation from 2016 2017 Wales Variation from 2016
% A-E 89.4 +1.2 88.9 +0.6
% A–C 60.3 +1.7 60.0 +1.1
% A 19.1 +1.4 19.1 +1.1
  2017 CSC 2016 CSC Variation from 2016
A Level 8189 7951 +238
A/S Level 11365 11673 -308
Local Authority
 School 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016
%A*-E %A*-E %A*-C %A*-C %A*-A %A*-A ENTRY ENTRY
Wales (JCQ) 97.7 97.3 75.3 73.8 25.0 22.7 33294 35537
Central South Consortium 97.9 97.9 76.0 75.2 24.0 22.1 8189 7951
Bridgend LA 98.3 98.6 76.7 75.0 22.1 20.5 1559 1599
Cardiff LA 98.3 98.3 78.9 80.4 29.2 27.5 2830 2713
Vale of Glamorgan LA 97.9 98.4 78.0 77.3 28.1 23.2 1845 1598
Merthyr Tydfil LA 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
Rhondda Cynon Taf LA 97.0 96.3 69.3 66.8 14.3 15.4 1955 2041
 School 2017 DIFFERENCE
%A*-E %A*-C %A*-A ENTRY
Wales (JCQ) 0.4 1.5 2.3 -2243
Central South Consortium 0.0 0.8 1.9 238
Bridgend LA -0.2 1.7 1.6 -40
Cardiff LA -0.1 -1.4 1.7 117
Vale of Glamorgan LA -0.5 0.8 4.9 247
Merthyr Tydfil LA 0.0 0.0 0.0 0
Rhondda Cynon Taf LA 0.7 2.5 -1.1 -86
School % change of entry
Wales (JCQ) -6.3
Central South Consortium 3.0
Bridgend LA -2.5
Cardiff LA 4.3
Vale of Glamorgan LA 15.5
Merthyr Tydfil LA -
Rhondda Cynon Taf LA -4.2
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* Please note that whilst Merthyr Tydfil is one of the five local authorities within the Central South Consortium region, sixth form provision is not available in local authority maintained schools.

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