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Consortium Welcomes New Managing Director
Published on 15/03/2017
Darllen hwn yn Gymraeg 

We recently announced the appointment of Hannah Woodhouse as deputy Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West of England.  We are delighted to announce today that following an extensive search and interview process, Mike Glavin has been appointed to replace Hannah in the post of Managing Director of Central South Consortium. Mike will take up this post with effect from the start of the summer term.  
Mike has had a big impact in a short space of time since he began his role as Assistant Director in the Consortium in June 2016. Mike has an exceptional record of work in and with schools in this region, including 18 years of headship experience spanning 3 schools in South Wales. He was a System leader and then Challenge Adviser for the Consortium, whilst he was Headteacher of Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary school in Caerphilly; leading the school to an Estyn outcome with excellent for prospects for improvement in 2014. Mike was Head of Service Improvement and Inclusion for the Vale of Glamorgan and was part of the team overseeing the Estyn monitoring process leading to a clean sweep of strong progress against all recommendations with areas of very good progress also recognised.  
Mike has also been part of the Central South Wales Strategy group – representing the five authorities and as Managing Director he can draw on his experience in implementation at school, local authority and consortium level. 
As Managing Director, Mike will build on the strong progress seen across the region and will continue to drive leadership of a self improving school system led by schools, supported by authorities and the Consortium. 
I am sure you will join me in offering your congratulations to Mike on his appointment and that you will offer him your full support in his new role. 
Rob Thomas
Managing Director, Vale of Glamorgan Council 
(Lead Head of Paid Service for the consortium)
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