National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

Attached is the NPQH application form for 2017-18 - this has to be submitted to CSC by 1pm on 18th September 2017.
Attached is the blank ILR which you must use. This needs to be submitted together with your application form in WORD format by 1pm on 18th September 2017 (csc­ Please note that this needs to be completed and discussed with your headteacher and senior challenge adviser. PLEASE NOTE there is a word count on the ILR - any extra words will be discounted. 

No other version of the ILR will be accepted!
This powerpoint will give you advice on completing your ILR.

Here are some completed exemplars of ILRs.

You can view the 2017-18 NPQH briefing presentation from 9th June 2017 here.
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