What is the Hub strategy?
  • A keen focus on effective joint practice development: The evidence base is clear on the case for deep professional learning opportunities for school staff which are well planned with discipline and a focus on impact on pupil attainment.   Developing this practice and a move away from training courses is not straightforward or easy but is key if we are to develop sustainable change.

  • Making sure regional support is defined by regional need:  We can do more to bring together more closely the needs of schools in the region with our support provision. This means using the information gathered within the Consortium, by challenge advisers, to better define the support on offer.  

  • Making sure we are brokering support against needs in the work of challenge advisers: Challenge advisers are key to designing support in ways that meet the needs of schools and will have the most impact.   

  • Making sure the support system is as simple and easy to understand as possible: Our support model consists of professional learning hubs, curriculum hubs and lead practitioners.

  • Focus on impact and value for money: We will continue to review our model to make sure we can evidence impact of support in schools and at a system level, and provide value for money.   

  • Getting the best out of the Welsh Government Pioneer network: We have an opportunity to make sure there is a simple model of school to school support in the region which draws from the work of the pioneers and which builds practice and capacity in schools to support other schools.  
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