Central South Wales Challenge

Improved teaching and leadership can only be sustained by a move away from a school improvement model dependent on central support, to a by-schools-for-schools model which builds capacity for collective improvement. In this way teachers learn from other teachers, leaders support each other to improve and learning about improvement through practice is embedded in the culture of schools across the region.  
In this system resources are focused on opportunities for teachers and leaders to learn from each other, to try out new approaches or lead research projects which will improve their teaching and that of others. Leadership grows through succession planning to lead improvement across the system.  The challenge adviser works to signpost and broker support, intervening only where necessary. Accountability is clear and used effectively to drive improvement. 

Under the Central South Wales Challenge, schools across the region design and lead models for sharing practice, underpinned by effective evaluation. The strategy assumes that:  

  • Schools are communities where collaborative enquiry is used to improve practice
  • Groupings of schools engage in joint practice development
  • Where necessary, more intensive partnerships are formed to support schools facing difficulties
  • Families and community organisations support the work of schools 
  • Coordination of the system is provided by school leaders themselves
  • Local authorities work together to act as the ‘conscience’ of the system

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