Direct Teaching Resources

Direct Teaching Resources

‘By schools, for schools’

To access the repository:

STEP 1: Open your browser and log in using your Hwb username and password

STEP 2: Navigate to the Knowledge Bank via the link in the left hand column.

STEP 3: Select 'Direct Teaching Resources' in the left hand menu to access the materials.

Blended learning - All schools are working in challenging and changing times as a result of COVID-19. Schools need to plan for the continuity of learning for all learners, whatever their circumstance and whether in school or at home. As part of a blended learning approach, learners should receive high quality direct teaching.

‘By schools, for schools’ - In order to support the workload of practitioners in asynchronous direct teaching for remote/distance learning, a repository has been created by CSC. Practitioners are invited to share their direct teaching resources voluntarily for use by school and practitioners across the region. Direct teaching resources should not be created specifically for this repository.

CSC Direct Teaching Resources - The resources are focused in the first instance on English/Welsh (1st and 2nd language) and Mathematics across all phases/key stages, and Science at key stage 4 and Post 16. Further curriculum areas may be added in the future.

Direct teaching resources - The resource should be direct teaching and may include giving carefully considered explanations, questioning, worked examples, modelling and scaffolding, The resource should be asynchronous video or animation, such as screen casts, voice-over presentations, video recordings, etc. All resources will be shared in the repository in the language that they have been created by the school.

Sharing resources - This submission form must be completed and submitted with all resources to be shared in the repository. The form includes information on the resources, e.g. area of the curriculum, title and short description. The form can be used for submitting multiple resources at the same time. As videos file sizes are typically large, it may not be possible to attach the resource file to an email for submission. Therefore, a link to the resources to be shared will need to be public and not behind a sign-in. A high resolution school logo is also required for publication.

Accessing the resources - The resources can be accessed via this webpage. Users will need to sign into the repository using their Hwb details. Please note that the resources will be only be accessible to Hwb users in CSC schools.

By accessing and using these resources you are agreeing to abide by the following conditions:

Before submitting resources, the guidance on copyright and GDPR must be considered.

For further information, please contact Project Manager: Kate Nash