Welsh Language Standards

The Central South Consortium (CSC) is committed to providing opportunities for anyone who wishes to contact us to do so in Welsh. We welcome both written and spoken communication in Welsh or English and will respond in the language the individual uses to contact us, and communicating with us in Welsh will not lead to delay.

By doing so, we hope to play our part in increasing the number of people who speak and access Welsh language services in the Central South Wales region, and raise awareness of the importance of the language as an essential part of the cultural identify of all who live and work in Wales.

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCTCBC), as the host local authority for the Central South Consortium, is responsible for overseeing our compliance with the Welsh Language Standards. A Service Level Agreement has been established between CSC and RCTCBC’s Welsh Language Services Team to support this. Information relating to RCT’s compliance with the Standards, including the Council Compliance Notice, information on the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, RCT’s 5 year Welsh language strategy to promote the language and it’s Welsh Language Standards Compliance Report can be viewed here.

For all queries regarding Central South Consortium’s compliance with the Welsh Language Standards, please contact us in Welsh or English at communications@cscjes.org.uk.