‘Pedagogy is about more than ‘teaching’ in the narrow sense of methods used in the classroom. It represents the considered selection of those methods in light of the purposes of the curriculum and the needs and developmental stage of the children and young people. It combines theoretical and practical knowledge and skills with fine judgement about what is required to promote effective learning in particular contexts. It lies at the heart of what it means to be an excellent teacher.' (Successful Futures, 2015)

A high-quality curriculum is required to achieve equity and excellence for all learners. The Central South Consortium aims to support the development of a high-quality profession by providing a range of evidence-informed professional learning opportunities and support and guidance for developing pedagogy. Also, to support collaboration across the region there are number of specific online networks and communities relating to pedagogy.

For further support and guidance please contact:

Project Manager: Sharon Parker

Principal Improvement Partner: Louise Muteham

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