Welsh Language Development

"The Welsh Government aims to have a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This is a long-term aim, and the education system has a key role to play in achieving it."Curriculum for Wales 2020

At Central South Consortium, our professional learning opportunities aim to support all practitioners to develop their Welsh language skills and are linked to the Welsh Language Competency Framework. This will enable them to teach Welsh as part of LLC and also develop bilingualism across all other Areas of Learning and Experience.

We aim to ensure that the learners in our region will be increasingly bilingual with a strong grasp of other languages. We will support schools to, “develop a transformational approach to learning, teaching and assessment of the Welsh language with the aim of ensuring all learners will be able to use the Welsh language when they leave school.” Education in Wales: Our national mission, 2017

All professional learning opportunities in Central South Consortium are designed to support schools to develop as learning organisations across the seven dimensions of the framework and/or to support practitioners in the professional standards for teaching and leadership (PSTL). Through the professional learning passport, practitioners can record their professional learning activities.

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We are currently finalising our professional learning opportunities.This section will continue to be updated.

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