CSCJES - Central South Consortium Joint Education Service

NQTs, Induction Mentors and External Verifiers

Please ensure that all NQTs employed in schools are registered with EWC and understand the induction process. All schools need to send an Induction Notification Form for all NQTs employed at their school within 10 days of the NQT starting employment. Any NQTs on a short term or daily supply basis are required to obtain a signature from a senior member of school staff to verify sessions worked at schools.

The consortium provides a series of training and statutory briefing sessions for Newly Qualified Teachers, Induction Mentors and External Verifiers. Briefing sessions take place in the autumn term but the consortium offers several ‘mop up’ sessions for newly qualified teachers and mentors who are new to their role throughout the academic year.

Moderation - June 26th and 27th. Information has been sent to EVs.

NQTs on Short Term Supply

  • Wednesday 8th May 2019, 4:15 - 6:15pm Cardiff Suite, Valleys Innovation Centre, Abercynon. Statutory briefing session for NQTs on short-term supply. Please note this is a ‘mop-up’ session for NQTs who have not atteneded training this academic year.
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  • Saturday 11th May 2019, 9:00 - 3:00pm Holiday Inn, Coryton. Supporting NQTs working in primary schools to develop their language skills.
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Annual Conference for NQTs Tuesday 2nd July 2019 Cardiff City stadium

Keynote speakers – Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education, Andy Cope and Lee Parkinson. Please note this conference is for NQTs who started induction this academic year. Book your place here.

Every NQT is assigned an External Verifier who works alongside the Induction Mentor and offers additional support for NQTs. They receive training annually and are involved in the assessment process. Moderation sessions take place in the summer term. Dates will be advertised here and via the school bulletin.

Briefing and training sessions are advertised here, but if you have any queries or wish support please contact who can assist with queries.

Training Materials

Please see the training materials for statutory induction for NQTs, Induction Mentors and External Verifiers in relation to the new Professional Standards from Sept 2018-2019.