Professional Learning

Professional Learning

“Together we are responsible for ensuring that every young person in Wales has an equal opportunity to reach the highest standards.”Education in Wales: Our National Mission, Kirsty Williams MS, Cabinet Secretary for Education

Our main priority during the current COVID 19 pandemic continues to be to support the safety and wellbeing of learners and practitioners across the region. We also continue to support schools and practitioners with providing high quality distance learning for all learners.

There is no expectation during this time that all practitioners will be in a position to undertake professional learning (PL). Each school and each practitioner will be operating in a unique circumstance some of which will be particularly challenging. Wellbeing of the workforce remains the top priority, for some this will mean pausing professional learning while for others this will mean accessing new professional learning.

We have been working to revise the CSC Professional Learning Offer 2020-21, maintaining the focus of school-to-school working whilst recognising the challenges for schools and practitioners during this period and beyond.

All information related to professional learning in CSC will be available through this web page which will be updated regularly as further events, news and resources are co-constructed with our lead practitioners and hub schools.

In line with the National Approach to Professional Learning, there is a commitment of equity of access to high quality professional learning for all practitioners in our region. Our professional learning offer (PLO) continues to ensure that all schools in our region are able to engage with learning, teaching, curriculum and leadership development.

We had made good progress in the development of our online PL strategy during 2019-20 and this work has now become more important than ever. The CSC PLO for the remainder of 2020 will be as a blend of synchronous and asynchronous online PL activities. Online learning will also form a significant part of our PLO beyond this year.

As in the past two years, there will be no charges for any of the activities outlined in our professional learning offer this year.

We have compiled an FAQs document to provide clarity for school leaders and practitioners on the most frequent questions we have been asked regarding professional learning opportunities in CSC at this time.

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Areas of professional learning

Equity and Wellbeing / Curriculum / Pedagogy / Welsh Language Development / Teaching Assistants / Induction / Governors / Leadership / Educational Visits / NQT Induction / Initial Teacher Education