Equity and Well-being

The Central South Consortium aims to support all schools in curriculum development to achieve equity and excellence for all learners. Our national mission recognises that a high-quality curriculum requires a high-quality profession. Enabling objective 3 is to develop strong and inclusive schools, committed to excellence, equity and well-being.

“Working in partnership, we are determined that no challenge should prevent any learner from reaching their potential, including those learners who experience several ACEs.”Education in Wales: Our national mission, 2017

In partnership with with local authorities, schools and support services, Central South Consortium strives to provide collaborative school improvement guidance and support to enhance the outcomes of all learners across Wales.

‘Alongside targeted interventions, improving the quality of teaching is the strongest lever schools have to improve pupil outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged students.’Education Endowment Foundation, 2020

Our professional learning opportunities aim to support all practitioners to collaborate and develop a deep understanding of pedagogy and subject knowledge and its close link with child development; to become research-informed and to learn from local, national and international practice that will allow all learners to flourish, particularly those more vulnerable learners.

All professional learning opportunities in Central South Consortium are designed to support schools to develop as learning organisations across the seven dimensions of the framework and/or to support practitioners in the professional standards for teaching and leadership (PSTL). Through the professional learning passport, practitioners can record their professional learning activities.

Information and Guidance

Information linked to vulnerable learners will be shared via with links to relevant research, professional learning, examples of good practice and examples of any required documentation.

We are still awaiting the final terms and conditions for the PDG and the PDG LAC for this academic year although we know that this will be based on the PLASC figures of January 2019 (previously PLASC 2016). Information will be updated when the final terms and conditions are shared.


This document is a collection of curated resources intended to help inform practitioners on the most appropriate, effective and compassionate ways of supporting children and young people back to school, colleges and other educational settings.

There are long established links which highlight connections between positive well-being and participation and engagement with the arts. This document is a collection of curated links, articles and resources to support practitioners’ work in this area.

More than ever, during this period of uncertainty due to the coronavirus, the well-being of practitioners, support staff and leaders of educational settings is of paramount importance and should not be overlooked. The following links, articles and resources are intended to help provide some information, advice and practical tips on how to support the well-being of all staff.

Oracy is to speech, what literacy is to writing and numeracy is to maths. Its analogy to literacy and numeracy emphasises its equal educational significance. Explicitly teaching oracy ensures that pupils view speaking and writing as inextricably linked. It is important to understand that reading and writing float on a sea of talk. Pupils who express themselves will see improvements in their academic ability, potential and well-being.

Professional e-Learning / Events

CSC professional learning opportunities for Equity and Well-being Children Looked After continue to be developed to support all practitioners across the region.

Further Reading and Research

For further support and guidance please contact

Project Support Officer:

Sharon Parker: Sharon.L.Parker@cscjes.org.uk

Area Lead(s):

John Welch - Strategic Lead for Equity and Well-being: John.C.Welch@cscjes.org.uk

Siriol Burford - Strategic Lead for PDG LAC: Siriol.Burford@cscjes.org.uk

Other areas of professional learning

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