Core Tasks

Highly effective school self-evaluation and improvement planning are critical to the development of a self-improving system. The core tasks of the consortium are:

  1. To work with all schools, headteachers and governing bodies, to improve outcomes for learners, working more intensively with those where the need to improve is greatest.
  2. To support every school in its work to carry out self-evaluation, improvement planning and to put in place the right support to improve learning, teaching and leadership.
  3. To supply sharp and appropriate data and intelligence to schools to support self-evaluation and target setting.
  4. To develop and broker high quality support, increasingly using peer enquiry as well as the resources such as the school improvement groups, pathfinder partnerships hubs, and consultant leaders and governors.
  5. To support the local authority’s capacity for statutory intervention where needed.
  6. To support local authorities and their schools to deliver key Welsh Government priorities that focus on school improvement.The development of a self-improving school system occurs when all partners embrace the accountability which is necessary to deliver sustainable improvement across the system.

Key Documents