Improvement Priorities

Following analysis of LA priorities, our self-evaluation, requirements within the National Mission and consultation with stakeholders including headteachers and local authority officers, we have identified five improvement priorities. CSC is committed to providing a high-quality school improvement service on behalf of all partner LAs. We are also committed to supporting schools to take greater ownership for their own improvement through the continued development of a self-improving system. CSC continues to have a specific role to play in the delivery of the National Transformation agenda, which means that some of the priorities will be led by Welsh Government priorities.

Our business plan directly addresses the key priorities of the local authorities across the region. Although other priorities may be outside its remit, CSC will work, wherever possible, in partnership to support these priority areas.

CSC will continue to facilitate partnership working across the region as we recognise that our business plan cannot be delivered without a productive relationship between schools and the five local authorities that CSC serves. The links and communication fostered with other key partners including Welsh Government, other regional consortia and Estyn are also crucial.

The overarching priorities are agreed with the Joint Committee.

  1. Curriculum
  2. Professional Learning Pathways
  3. Equity & Wellbeing
  4. School Evaluation & Improvement
  5. Leadership & Governance of Central South Consortium

For each of the priorities, there is a detailed operational plan that outlines how and when the aspects of each priority will be delivered. Our intention remains to support schools to meet the needs of their learners to enable them to make progress. It is essential that there is continued support for staff and learner wellbeing.

Key Documents: