Self-Improving System

The Central South Wales Challenge (CSWC) was launched in January 2014 to drive school improvement across the region. This strategy, led by headteachers, included schools across the region and drew on the expertise of universities and external experts in school improvement and published international research.

The strategy was based upon six underlying principles commonly found in successful school systems:

School leaders across the region have been actively engaged in the approach taken by the Consortium since this time. They have become more accountable for the performance of their school, schools in their cluster and in supporting other schools across the region. Since its inception, the CSWC has sought to provide the professional learning structures to allow schools to facilitate high-quality professional learning.

Each aspect of the CSWC is designed to meet school improvement needs in different ways operating within a self-improving school system. School leaders should access the appropriate professional learning from each aspect according to their current school improvement priorities.

Taking the Central South Wales Challenge Strategy Forward

Central South Wales Challenge model 2023

Since the Central South Wales Challenge (CSWC) was established, the professional, political and financial climate of education in Wales has altered but the core vision of recognising the value of a school-led improvement system remains a constant.

The CSWC model continues to be reviewed and refined annually following consideration of evaluation of impact and value for money. It’s also driven by robust evaluation of the efficacy of the professional learning offer and regional school improvement needs.

The following key principles remain constant: