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“We are committed to the success and well-being of every learner, regardless of background or personal circumstance. Equity and excellence go hand in hand, and we cannot have one at the expense of the other.”Education in Wales” our national mission, 2017

Improving education is our national mission. Education reform in Wales has included a wide range of policy changes. The biggest change is a new curriculum for schools and funded non-maintained settings in Wales from September 2022. Nothing is so essential as universal access to, and acquisition of, the experiences, knowledge and skills and that our young people need for employment, lifelong learning and active citizenship.

Curriculum for Wales has been made in Wales but shaped by the best ideas from around the world. The Curriculum for Wales guidance is a clear statement of what is important in delivering a broad and balanced education.

The four purposes are the shared vision and aspiration for every child and young person in Wales. A school’s curriculum is everything a learner experiences in pursuit of the four purposes. It is not simply what we teach, but how we teach and crucially, why we teach it. Curriculum development should be at the heart of practitioner, school and national efforts which seek to raise standards for all.

Central South Consortium has a key role in supporting all of the schools in our region in the realisation of Curriculum for Wales. We provide professional learning opportunities and access to resources, research and up-to-date information for all schools and individual practitioners to engage purposefully with Curriculum for Wales.

We are working in unprecedented times, in a system that is having to rapidly adapt to emerging national issues whilst evolving in line with the National Mission. With so much change can come great uncertainty and often high levels of anxiety, but we must not overlook the many opportunities it also brings. Opportunities to think anew and act anew. We are all currently considering what matters most in terms of education, and why it matters. Now is our time to link those questions to Curriculum for Wales and identify the opportunities for new ways of working that our framework offers.

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