Curriculum for Wales

Curriculum for Wales

To support schools across the region in their development, planning and preparations for Curriculum for Wales, we have created a new CSC Curriculum for Wales website.

The website is largely dedicated to a model of design process which we developed in CSC in response to requests from school leaders to provide specific scaffolds and support in the curriculum design process. It breaks down the steps in the iterative process of design, whilst offering prompts and questions to support schools within each phase of design.

'The Curriculum for Wales framework gives every school in Wales the opportunity to design their own curriculum within a national approach that ensures a level of consistency. It encourages schools to build their own vision for their learners within the context of the four purposes and the learning defined at a national level. It provides the space for practitioners to be creative and to develop meaningful learning through a range of experiences and contexts that meet the needs of their learners.'

(Welsh Government, 2020)

Curriculum for Wales has been made in Wales but shaped by the best ideas from around the world. The Curriculum for Wales guidance is a clear statement of what is important in delivering a broad and balanced education. Curriculum development should be at the heart of practitioner, school and national efforts which seek to raise standards for all.

Central South Consortium has a key role in supporting all of the schools in our region * in the realisation of Curriculum for Wales. We provide professional learning opportunities and access to resources, research and up-to-date information for all schools and individual practitioners to engage purposefully with Curriculum for Wales.

You can also join our Curriculum for Wales community and download the Curriculum for Wales newsletter for the latest news and updates.

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