Evaluating Our Impact

We recognise how important it is that we evaluate the impact of our own work – to ensure that we remain reflective and responsive, and able to adjust practice to need.

Organisations are regularly criticised because they concentrate on measuring what is easily quantifiable at the expense of measuring what is truly valuable. In our context, we want to know about progress as well as outcomes, we want to know how our learners feel about their learning, how confident and resilient the workforce is, how deeply are practitioners collaborating with each other and sharing practice.

We established a Research and Evaluation Board which works to develop organisational capacity to evaluate our own work in areas which are difficult to measure. This work is supported by Cardiff University. This work includes a longitudinal survey of learners and practitioners across the region.

We will publish more detail about this work as the results are analysed. Already there are indications of teachers’ willingness to collaborate and lead learning in schools more formally.

If you would like to discuss the work of the Rsearch and Evaluation Board please contact Samantha Harris on Samantha Harris