At any one time there are approximately 1,000 newly qualified teachers (NQTs) working in Wales and approximately 500 of them work in the Central South region. About 50% of the NQTs working in CSC work on full time or long term contracts in schools and the remainder work in the short term supply workforce.

NQTs must complete three full terms of work in school or 380 sessions (190 days) as supply teachers and they must also complete an induction profile held on the Professional Learning Passport to demonstrate their progress as teachers against the Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership (PSTL).

The role of the induction team at the Central South Consortium (CSC) is to ensure that every NQT understands both the statutory guidance for induction and their statutory entitlement as NQTs. This includes having professional mentoring support as well as access to professional learning.

“Induction programmes work best when an effective training and professional development component is provided to support all roles – new teachers, their mentors and headteachers”
(EPPI-Centre IOE: NQT Induction Review Group 2013)

The resources cited on this page are intended to support the ongoing professional learning of NQTs, but also for Induction Mentors (IMs) and External Verifiers (EVs).

The PSTL are intended to:

All professional learning opportunities in Central South Consortium are designed to support schools to develop as learning organisations across the seven dimensions of the framework and/or to support practitioners in the professional standards for teaching and leadership (PSTL). Through the professional learning passport, practitioners can record their professional learning activities.

Information and Guidance

Statutory Induction Guidance:



FAQ videos for NQT induction - Summer 2020




  1. Developing a professional learning strategy: using the development targets in your **NQT induction profile **to help you choose professional learning deliberately. This document is full of PL links, some of which are badged and can be cited in job applications.

English language version

Welsh language version

  1. Developing a professional learning strategy as a QTS graduate: using your Career Entry Profile targets to help you get ready for working towards induction standards.

English language version

Welsh language version

  1. Podcast with Professor Mick Waters

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