CSCJES - Central South Consortium Joint Education Service

National Professional Qualification For Headship (NPQH)

National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is mandatory for all teachers moving into their first headship post in Wales.

Should I apply for the NPQH?


  • You should discuss your application and Leadership Standards Review (LSR) with your Headteacher who may wish to discuss it with the Challenge Adviser.
  • Where you have the agreement of your headteacher they sign and complete the application and return it to you.
  • You must also have the recommendation signed by the Senior Challenge Adviser.
  • You must forward your application to the Consortium before 1pm on the agreed date. The Consortium arranges for the Endorsing Officer to consider the application and make a recommendation.

NPQH Timetable

  • Application form submitted 1pm: 08/10/18
  • Endorsing Officer to have returned application: 19/10/18
  • Outcome and name of support to applicant: 24/10/18
  • National Day (North): w/c 5/11/18
  • Support from: 12/11/18
  • Templates submitted (1pm): 01/02/19
  • Assessment Centres: 4/03/19 - 15/03/19
  • National Moderation: 22/03/19
  • Results to candidates: 03/04/19
  • Appeal deadline: 07/05/19
  • Appeal panel week of: 13/05/19
  • National Development Day (South) w/c: 22/05/19

NPQH Documentation

All communication regarding the NPQH application process should be sent via

Please note that these are the Senior Challenge Advisers and Endorsing Officers in your local authority:

  • Vale of Glamorgan: Senior Challenge Adviser: Morwen Hudson, Endorsing Officer: David Davies
  • Merthyr: Senior Challenge Adviser: Joe Colsey, Endorsing Officer: Sue Walker
  • Bridgend: Senior Challenge Adviser: Andy Rothwell, Endorsing Officer: Sue Roberts
  • Cardiff: Senior Challenge Adviser: Kate Rowlands (primary), Stuart Sherman (secondary), Endorsing Officer: Jackie Turner
  • RCT: Senior Challenge Adviser: Tim Britton (primary), Sarah Corcoran (secondary), Endorsing Officer: Gaynor Davies

Advance Notice – save the date!

Should an applicant be successful in being endorsed for this years NPQH Assessment programme they will be required to attend the National Development Day on Tuesday 6th November in the Marriott Hotel in Swansea. Overnight accommodation the evening prior to the development day will be provided.