CSCJES - Central South Consortium Joint Education Service

Pioneer Schools

The CSC Pioneer Network is part of the national network formed to develop Curriculum for Wales. This provides considerable professional learning opportunities, with schools fully involved in the process of curriculum design and realisation. The pioneers have expert input in their various AoLE (areas of learning and experience) areas, with the professional learning pioneers leading the system in testing the work of the Curriculum pioneers.

Curriculum Pioneers are responsible for curriculum development through each AoLE group. Professional Learning Pioneers are responsible for the professional learning of colleagues and are responsible for testing the developing curriculum content. Digital Learning Pioneers are involved in developing the Digital Competency Framework and related support material.

What next?

In 2018/19 we will support pioneer schools to work with our other regional collaborative models and with all partner schools to support them through the change process necessary to realise the aims of the curriculum for Wales.