CSCJES - Central South Consortium Joint Education Service

Target Setting

High expectations are central to the target setting process and to providing the conditions that enable all pupils to realise their potential. Target setting is about defining aspirations for individual pupils and ensuring that every effort is made to support them in achieving their targets. Target setting can be an effective school improvement tool.

The targets we used within our business plan are regional targets but are underpinned by target setting within each school. The targets are developed from information about every learner, cohort, school, local authority and regional targets.

However, the education reform in Wales is currently considering possible changes to the ways in which the performance of learners and schools are measured. This may result in changes to the published targets.

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2017 2018 2019 2020
FP FPOI All Pupils 88.6 86.1 82.2 -
KS2 CSI All Pupils 90.2 90.3 88.6 88.4
KS3 CSI All Pupils 87.9 90.0 90.9 90.7
KS4 L2+ All Pupils 54.5 65.7 66.7 68.0
FP FPOI eFSM Pupils 78.6 74.9 68.1 -
KS2 CSI eFSM Pupils 79.1 81.9 78.0 77.9
KS3 CSI eFSM Pupils 71.0 79.8 81.8 84.6
KS4 L2+ eFSM Pupils 29.3 39.3 43.4 46.3